PhotoBioCure™ technology is based on biopolymers that turn from a sticky liquid into a flexible solids under the influence of UV radiation. This feature allows forming customized implants, adjusted to tissue defects, in situ in vivo. Importantly, the composition is biodegradable in the in vivo environment and eventually replaced by natural tissue.

An important competitive feature is the ability to inject of the material through small incision (like in laparoscopic techniques). At the same time, the high viscosity of our biomaterial eliminates the need for sutures, which can be technically challenging and time-consuming, especially within a minimally invasive procedure. Our biomaterials can be also bioactive as they degrade within the in vivo environment in a controllable process, thus facilitating tissue regeneration.

About Us

POLTISS (Polymer Tissue) was founded in 2015 to introduce PhotoBioCure™ technology of modern, light activated, adhesive polymer biomaterials to the market.

We aim to improve comfort of patients and surgeons with our programmable biopolymers.

Our technology is based on polymeric materials, which under the influence of UV radiation turns from a sticky liquid into flexible solids. The composition is fully degradable in a living environment and eventually replaced by natural tissue.

PhotoBioCure™ properties are especially relevant to minimally invasive surgery that is increasingly performed to reduce postoperative complications, recovery times, and patient discomfort.

Meet our leadership team

Prof. Mirosława El Fray
The Cofounder & CEO
Recognized expert in the field of polymeric biomaterials engineering. She is coauthor of patented technologies and materials for extracorporeal heart assist devices and minimally invasive surgical techniques. She has been collaborating with domestic and foreign universities, including the University of Warsaw, the University of Akron, and the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials (USA). She completed a number of projects in cooperation with companies like DePuy Johnson & Johnson, Uniqema/Croda, Honda Europe, Philips. The scientific achievements of prof. El Fray include more than 250 publications, including 140 publications in journals from the Journal Citations Reports, 9 granted patents and 5 patent applications (including the EU and the USPTO).
Tomasz Łasecki
Has 15 years of experience in technology transfer and business development. Helped to build number of technology startups (biotech, electronics & IT). He has managed a leading business angels network in Poland and is a managing partner in POMERANGELS coinvestment fund.
Gokhan Demirci PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Graduate of the Maria-Curie Skłodowska University (PhD) in 2017. For years, he has been cooperating with domestic and foreign universities, including Aston University (UK), Denmark Technical University (DK), Cyprus Univesity of Technology (CY), Lodz University of Technology (PL). Extensive experience in international research projects bringing together top universities and companies.



We are actively seeking co-development opportunities to fully leverage the potential of our platform technology.

Strategic Partnership

Our technology can be adjusted to specific needs of medical device manufacturers.

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